Jilin University of Finance and Economics is a Jilin Province key university jointly constructed by Jilin Province People’s Government and the State Taxation Administration.
    The university was initiated as the cadre’s training school by Northeast Bank in July 1946, and Northeast Bank Cadre’s School was set up in September 1950 as the very first finance post-secondary school in the People’s Republic. In September 1958, Jilin     College of Finance and Trade was established as an earliest Chinese undergraduate school in finance and economics. In May 1992 , the college was renamed as Changchun Taxation College, who boasted the first and only China’s undergraduate school in taxation .In March 2010 ,the school was renamed as Jilin University of Finance and Economics. The school has been under the jurisdiction of Northeast Bank , the People’s Bank of China and the State Taxation Administration, and since 2000, under the jurisdiction of Jilin Province People’s Government. The school was located in Jiamusi, Harbin and Shenyang, and in July 1950, move to Changchun, now at 3699 Jingyue Street, Changchun City.
     The university offers 6 fields of studies in economics, management, law, arts, science and engineering, and boasts 8 provincial key disciplines. [more>>]